The Christmas Market at the Old Great Square in Turku will be open during four weekends before Christmas: 25–26 Nov, 2–3 Dec, 9–10 Dec, and 16–17 Dec 2023 at 11–17.  Then dozens of vendors from all over Finland and even abroad will gather again to the marketplace.  The stalls will offer a wide selection of artisans’ masterpieces, such as products made of natural materials, decorative items, clothing, fine art and Christmas delights.

It is worth visiting the Christmas Market on several days, because on different days you will meet different vendors in the Market.

Do you want to sell your products at the Christmas Market?

We are looking for artisans in various fields of handicraft that can offer suitable products for the Christmas Market. We appreciate craftsmanship, traditional spirit, natural materials, and uniformed product entities. We are also looking for suitable vendors of food associated with Christmas. Selling time at the Market is from 11 to 17.

Evaluation of Products

The jury of the Association Turun Suurtorin keskiaika ry will select the products that can be sold at the Christmas Market. Please fill in the application form (link below) and attach it to your products. Information on vendors will not be given to a third party without the vendor’s permission. Please remember to mark your products carefully so that they will not be confused with products brought by other applicants.

Application form (docx)
Application form (pdf)

Product photographs and the application should be sent to Association Turun Suurtorin keskiaika, Vanha Suurtori 3, FI-20500 Turku, Finland.

All vendors, regardless of whether they have participated before or not, should send their products to be appraised. The jury has new members every year, so all products, both new and old, will have an equal position. At the same time, we will also get a clear picture of what kind of products will be for sale at the Market, which is important for successful advertising of the Christmas Market. If you develop new products after the jury’s evaluation, please inform us. Only approved products can be sold at the Christmas Market.

We will do our best to take into account your request regarding selling place whenever it is possible. We can only guarantee that food vendors will have access to electricity, but we can provide a place with electricity to other vendors, too, if such places are available.

Traditional Theme

Vendors are expected to wear traditional clothes. Yet vendors will not be allowed to wear Santa Claus’ or Mrs Santa’s costume, since Christmas Market will have Santa Claus and Mrs Santa present on the organizer’s behalf. Vendors should also decorate their market stands to create a traditional Christmas atmosphere.

Market Stands

Vendors may use market stands with canvas top provided by the Association Turun Suurtorin keskiaika ry. The roof keeps the rain, but because the stand is open on the sides, we recommend bringing along additional shelters, which fit into the spirit of traditional Christmas. We offer side curtains for market stands for food, which should be used by a vendor of food in accordance with the Instructions for Outdoor Selling given by the Environmental Health Office of the City of Turku.

As a new option, there are now also a few wooden selling cabins at the Christmas Market. The cabins are 3m × 2m in size, they have plenty of table and shelf space for products, and there is the possibility of electricity. However, it is not possible to arrange additional space in the cabin. Selling takes place through a hatch, and the hatch cover protects the counter from rain. A small photo of the cabins is here:

If you prefer, you may bring your own market stand, but it should be suitable for a traditional Christmas spirit. To ensure that the stand is appropriate, the vendor should send a picture of the stand to the jury in advance.

Prices of the selling places

Fabric-covered event organizer’s stand, width 1.6m and depth 2m
410€ / all market days

Wooden selling cabin, width 3m and depth 2m
950€ / all market days

Place for own stand or tent, width 2m
500€ / all market days

Fast food place, own or organizer’s stand (space 2m x 2m)
650€ / all market days

Small stand (size 100cm x 60cm) on the Brinkkala courtyard (only for non-profit organizations)
120€ / all market days

Additional space for all places except the selling cabin 40€ / m width / day
Electricity 10€/day

Please notice that no VAT will be added to prices!

Additional information:
Meri Vuohu
Administrative Director / Vendor Correspondent

Association Turun Suurtorin keskiaika ry
Vanha Suurtori 3
FI-20500 Turku, Finland

Tel. +358 (0)40 132 9993

Photo: Erman Mete